Innovation Lab Website

The Challenge

The FinTech Innovation Lab is a programme from Accenture that provides executive mentoring from some of the world’s leading financial organisations. This select service invites seven companies to receive an exceptional level of industry support. The challenge for MMP was to convert two separate web platforms into one unified, future-proof solution.

The Insight

Understanding that the application process for companies had three distinct user approaches (New York, London and Asia Pacific), our focus was on simplifying the complex – turning multiple technologies into a single, user friendly resource. FinTech’s technology credentials in the sector necessitated a platform which was not only significantly more advanced but reliably adaptable and readily updateable. To this end, MMP recommended the Microsoft.Net-based CMS, Umbraco.

The Solution

Our approach was both effective and cost effective: One platform. One brand. One solution.

Advantages to FinTech included a single point for content updates and training, reducing the overhead of managing multiple technologies. A single platform also ensured that the design for the different countries involved could be easily unified, making the cross-selling of other programmes not just possible, but easily achievable.

Making More Possible

  • $255 million in funding raised to date for new start ups (NY)

  • 170% average revenue growth

  • 29 financial institutions now taking part worldwide

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