Manchester United

This Is Your Turf

The Challenge

After ten years, the turf at Old Trafford was being replaced in its entirety. We were tasked with finding a way to turn this occasion into an engagement campaign that would resonate with Manchester United’s vast fan base and also provide a platform to gather data from supporters across multiple countries and regions.

The Insight

Our core insight was that for Manchester United supporters, this was not merely turf, but the site of compelling stories – legend-making, epoch-defining tales of footballing glory. For the true believer, it was the chance to own a unique piece of MUFC history.

The Solution

Our ‘This Is Your Turf’ campaign was born, creating an immediate sense of inclusion and engagement with fans through the opportunity to win a piece of Manchester United turf history. The campaign harnessed recruitment through a website, driven by social outreach, virals', blogger activity and targeted display advertising.

Making More Possible

  • 135k registrations from 204 countries

  • 32,000 social mentions across 141 countries

  • 100 pieces of hallowed turf won and treasured across the world.

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